Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quarter-Year Proclamation

AHAHAHAHA man I'm terrible at this whole blogging business, aren't I? It's like I purposely wait 4-6 weeks between each post, and then they aren't even that good. SORRY.

So...blowing right past the fact that I haven't updated, because it'd take too long to try and fill in the last month and a half and I'm doing this while I watch this week's Parks & Rec (yaaay they're back!), can y'all believe that summer is almost here? We had a mild winter here in Dallas, and that caused concern that there would be a hellish furnace of molten lava come summer - but it's been NICE OUTSIDE. Lows in the 60s, highs in the 80s. What is this, California?

Of course, this means that all the bright and colorful clothes that girls like to wear have started showing up every where. I mean, I went to the mall for the first time in weeks, and I literally saw girls in every bright colored jean they make: blue, red, yellow, purple, green, coral, it was like a circus. Or somewhere else that's very colorful.

And then I went to look for loose and comfortable tops in preparation for the heat. I like tank tops because I wear cardigans/blazers 100% of the time, and tanks don't cause your sleeves to bunch up at your biceps and make your already broad shoulders look even bigger. After 20 minutes of shopping, I looked down to see that all of the tanks I had in my hands were two things: 1) drapey, and 2) grey. Because THAT'S ALL I WANT TO WEAR THIS SUMMER. Black and grey and I guess taupe/beige is okay. Aka the lazy girl's color palette. EVERYTHING WILL MATCH. NO THINKING INVOLVED.

Tomorrow, I'm going to clean out and organize my closet, which I always look forward to doing, and then hate when I'm doing it, and then feel good about after it's done. Kind of like working out, except that I don't ever look forward to that.

Oh, wait, I titled this 'Quarter-Year Proclamation.' Okay, here it is: SUMMER OF GREY AND BLACK MUSCLE TEES AND TANKS. Awwwwjjjyeahhhh. Ugh, that was obnoxious. Sorry, again. :)


SUMMER OF BLOGGING. Yaaay blogging!

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